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Car key replacement is very important and can be very costly if not done correctly. Most car owners do not realize that their local automotive locksmith can provide them the same services that an auto dealership does minus the high price tag. We will show you the best practices to replace your car key as well as car key duplication practices that will save you money.

Automotive locksmiths can replace car keys for all types of different makes and models of cars. The only real benefit that an auto dealer has when it comes to providing car key duplication services is the logo of the manufacturer on the key.

However, this comes at a high cost to duplicate car keys that not many car owners really want to pay. This is why car key duplication has become much more popular among automotive locksmiths and why less and less care owners every year are going to the auto dealerships to replace car keys.

You may have heard of chip keys or fob keys. Most of the cars we see around the market will have a chip key or fob key which are also known as transmitter keys. What makes them unique is that a chip key or fob key communicates with the cars ignition. The car verifies the data that the key sends to make sure the chip key or fob key is authentic. If it is then the car will start. Car dealers will provide a car key replacement for these types of keys at a much heavier price then going to an automotive locksmith.

When looking to duplicate car keys of this nature, you want to look at what they call aftermarket fobs. These are products that can be purchase directly from your automotive locksmith at a fraction of the cost that you could purchase one form the dealer. Not only will you save money but you will still have a quality product. Chip keys can also be reprogrammed much cheaper than you can do it from an auto dealership by going through an automotive locksmith.

Transponder keys are also very popular. A transponder key can come as a basic key or a laser cut key but the way that they work is that they send a signal to the car. If the signal is correct the car allows the key to start the care, versus if it is the wrong signal the vehicle will not start. Before you duplicate your car key, you also want to check to see if the fob and transponder key are one unit or if they are separate units. Having them as a dual unit can replace the cost to replace the car key. Car key replacement does not need to be over costly. By contacting an automotive locksmith, you can duplicate car keys at an affordable rate.

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