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There are many reasons why someone can get locked out of their trunk and they go beyond that the keys are locked in the trunk. Even with a key you could still have a trunk lockout. This can cause people to get so frustrated that they accidentally break their keys in the trunk.

One of the first signs of trouble with your trunk is a latch that begins to become faulty. A faulty latch is the leading cause to a trunk that is jammed. If you do not fix the latch, eventually you will be locked out of the trunk. This is why you should test your trunk latch to see if it is still functioning properly. If not then that is a good sign that your trunk lock may be going out as well.

Another way to avoid a jammed trunk and to not be locked out of your trunk is to see if you have a manual latch to open your trunk. This can come in handy so you do not accidentally break the key in your trunks lock. Not all cars come with this feature, but it is a good feature to have so see if the make and model of your car has it. It can turn into a great way to avoid becoming stressed over a trunk lockout.

Another way to avoid having avoid your trunk getting jammed is to make sure there are no broken parts that are cluttered with debris. Sometimes it is good to replace the locks and latch if there seems to be possible issues of them breaking. Taking a trip to the locksmith and mechanic for preventive maintenance can help you avoid being locked out of the trunk.

Lubricating the trunks latches and inside mechanisms also helps avoid the getting the trunk jammed. You may also find that spraying out the debris with air from the lock mechanism can be good preventive maintenance that your trunk needs. If you do this and also add lithium grease for a lubrication, it can keep your trunk working for a very long time without having to replace any locks or parts.

At one time or another we all will forget at least one time in our life to leave our keys locked in the trunk. This is why we suggest having your local locksmith make a spare set of keys that you keep on you at all times. Having a hand spare set of keys never hurts and it also can help you for that one time that you do have your keys locked in the trunk.

We hope these tips will help you avoid having your trunk jammed and not having a trunk lockout. Feel free to contact us to have a spare set of keys made for all of your vehicles. If you ever do find that you do have a trunk lockout, we will always be here to assist you.

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